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    Ageism in Oshchadbank
    Dec 22 , 2016 No Comment Protecting rights of old people

    A group of some older people applied to TLU seeking protection from Oshchadbank.

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    International Age Demand Action
    Dec 20 , 2016 No Comment Protecting rights of old people

    UCO “TLU” with ULFPNV (Ukrainian League of Former Prisoners and Nazi Victims) joined the International Age Demand Action. Volunteers in 9 cities of Ukraine played miniperformances on the streets.

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    Our volunteers joined the international campaign
    Dec 10 , 2016 No Comment News

    The volunteers of charity organization TLU in Khmelnitsky joined the international campaign in support of soldiers.

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    «Meeting point: dialogue» – 2016
    Nov 21 , 2016 No Comment «Meeting Point: Dialogue» – 2016

    On 01-02 March of 2016 there was a meeting of ukrainian-german Jury of the “Meeting Point – Dialogue” programme in Ukraine. 59 applications were submitted on the 8th contest.

    The Jury recommended 17 applications to be financially supported. All applications supported on this stage of the competition are focused on providing active support to people who suffered from Nazi regime, especially to people with restricted mobility. Moreover, all approved projects contain very interesting and innovative ideas.

    Supported projects by region for 2016. To select the region use the map:



    Image Map
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    The pride of Zhytomir
    Oct 16 , 2016 No Comment News

    The Mayor of the city presented Taissa Mykolaivna Voitsekhovska, the head of UCO “TLU”, with an award “The pride of the city – 2016” in a nomination of “The best representative of a public organization” Congratulations!

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    A meeting concerning project “Creating a resource center”
    Oct 8 , 2016 No Comment News

    Guests from TLU visited the Ternopil territorial center of social service. The main aim was to discuss the implementation of the project “Creating a resource center for people, who take care of immobile elderly people” with the support of EVZ.

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