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    Advisory Board
    Jul 19 , 2013 No Comment "Meeting Point: Dialogue"

    Chairman of the Board:
    Semyon Gluzman, Executive Director of the Association of Psychiatrists of Ukraine

    1. Myroslav Marinovich, director of the Institute of Religion and Society of the Lviv Theological Academy, member of the Ukrainian Scientific Society of Theology
    2. Taras Wozniak, editor of the literary-journalistic magazine “Ї”
    3. Miroslav Popovich, professor, director of the Institute of Philosophy, Ukraine Academy of Sciences
    4. Vladimir Paniotto, professor, director of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology
    5. Olga Bogomolets, professor, director of the Kiev Institute of Dermatology and Cosmetology
    6. Sonya Koshkina, journalist, chief editor, web-site “Livyy Begeh”
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