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    Our volunteers joined the international campaign
    Dec 10 , 2016 No Comment News

    The volunteers of charity organization TLU in Khmelnitsky joined the international campaign in support of soldiers.

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    The pride of Zhytomir
    Oct 16 , 2016 No Comment News

    The Mayor of the city presented Taissa Mykolaivna Voitsekhovska, the head of UCO “TLU”, with an award “The pride of the city – 2016” in a nomination of “The best representative of a public organization” Congratulations!

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    A meeting concerning project “Creating a resource center”
    Oct 8 , 2016 No Comment News

    Guests from TLU visited the Ternopil territorial center of social service. The main aim was to discuss the implementation of the project “Creating a resource center for people, who take care of immobile elderly people” with the support of EVZ.

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    The volunteers baked pies for hospital (video)
    Aug 24 , 2016 No Comment News

    The volunteers of UCO “TLU” in Khmelnicky on the Independence Day’s eve baked pies, cakes, strudels and biscuits for the military hospital.

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    The volunteers have bought water for soldiers at ATO
    Jul 19 , 2016 No Comment News

    The volunteers of UCO “TLU” in Zhytomir have bought water for soldiers at the Anti-terrorist Operation. And also sent them underwear, bandanas, and pillows.

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    A final conference on the project of organization
    May 26 , 2016 No Comment News

    23-24 of May 2016 UCO “TLU” conducted a final international conference on the project “Improving Government Accountability Through Older Citizens’ Monitoring in Ukraine”.

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