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  • Ageism in Oshchadbank

    Dec 22 , 2016 No Comment Protecting rights of old people

    A group of some older people applied to TLU seeking protection from Oshchadbank.

    Their stories were almost the same: an old person comes to the Oshchadbank to have the so called “Kievite Card”. The clerk asks to sign a heap of forms. However the text is made in very small print, the pages which are readable are not understandable. Unfortunately the staff are absolutely busy and can’t explain or comment the texts. But insist on signing every paper. On coming home with the help of magnifying glass and well informed friends our visitors revealed that they signed the applications for “Kievite Card” and also an application for a loan in the bank. No need to say that they had no intention to have any loan. But it was too late. They felt abused. They said that their human rights for their own informed decision were violated. They were seeking support and protection.

    To protect human rights of elder people we wrote a letter to Oshchadbank with cc to the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) to the Committee on the issues of veterans, National Bank of Ukraine and to the Kiev City Administration.

    Oshchadbank, National Bank of Ukraine and to the Kiev City Administration replies were mere come-off. But Verkhovna Rada was on our side. Together we managed to force Oshchadbank to promise to meet our demands. We are waiting for tangible results. Please, have a look at our correspondence. We learned a lesson. And taught a lesson, too.

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